Discount card terms and conditions:
1. The Gold Discount Card is issued to regular customers at the Hotel Palma.
The client receives a discount on accommodation in the amount of 3, 5, 7, 10%, depending on the accumulated amount for accommodation.
2. A discount card is issued only to individuals who pay by cash or by card when they check in;
3. Place of issue – the hotel's Palma reception;
4. The discount is available immediately. You may get the Gold discount card only after filling in the application form;
5. The discount is applicable only on accommodation (without meals and additional services), when booking directly through the hotel (if the room was booked via intermediaries, the discount does not apply);
6. The discount is applicable to all one-time booked rooms by the cardholder.
7. The discount can only be used at an individual check-in.
8. The card is personal, non-transferable;
9. The card expiration date - permanent;
10. If there are several discounts for individuals at the same time, then the discounts are not summed up, and the maximum discount is given (if another discount is bigger than the discount on the card, then another discount is applied);
11. The card can be canceled according to the decision of the director of the hotel, in case of violation by the cardholder of the hotel rules and regulations and causing damage to the property and reputation of the hotel;
12. The card is the property of the Hotel Palma. The hotel reserves the right to change the terms of discounts.