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The modern, climatic Art Hotel Palma is located in the picturesque district of Lviv. After an active day, the excitement of meeting with the expressive city of Lion, in our hotel we provide you with all the hotel amenities you need for relaxing and comfortable stay. The hotel is located 20 minutes from the bustling city centre; it has its own parking space under constant video surveillance. For our guests we offer Standard and Junior Suites with spacious comfortably furnished rooms. Exquisitely renovated Junior Suites have unusual round bed. The reliable and enthusiastic team at the reception will fulfill the check-in and check-out procedures promptly. Free uninterrupted high-speed Wi-Fi connection throughout the property. By maintaining reasonable prices, we maintain a high level of service, ensuring the optimal level of comfortable stay for our clients.


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Weekend in Lviv together with the Hotel Palma!

The original and unique, full of spiritual energy, which gives only positive emotions, Lviv, keeps crown as the most popular tourist destination for many years. In fact, the city is not as big as it may seem. Three days will be enough to become saturated with its special spirit. Here's, it should be noted, an interesting feature of Lviv, no matter how many times you come back here, you can always find, open, see something new and interesting. Moreover, after the first visit and after the tenth, Lviv will surprise you over and over again. Weekend in Lviv is an option for those who want to take a break and have a rest in short terms. How to spend your day is up to you, we will ensure that your stay in our hotel will help you regain your strength and get your energy back for a new day. Where to go and what to see in Lviv? The city centre is only 6 km away. You can walk on foot or you can take a minibus from the station situated near the hotel. Start your sightseeing tour at the heart of Lviv - Market Square, gradually moving to the top attractions: City Town Hall, Ivan Franko's Park, the House of Legends and Lviv Arsenal with a unique collection of antique weapons. A climb to the observation deck of the High Castle and the scenic landscape that opens from there will stay in your memory forever. Beautiful churches, cathedrals, palaces and nearby streets; we recommend you to peep into it in order to discover new non-tourist destinations. For example, did you know that "D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers" was filmed in Lviv? You can take part in a real quest for movie scenes, finding on the map Copernicus Street, Virmens'ka Street, Sviatoho Yura Square and Potocki Palace. Three days in Lviv is an opportunity to rest from the eternal "groundhog day" where we find ourselves in everyday life. Street musicians, cafes, cozy narrow cobbled streets and tall church towers. Head spinning coffee aroma and the world around takes fabulous contour lines. It is so pleasant to escape in the evening from the noise of the exuberant city, finding yourself in your room at Hotel Palma, where quiet, calm and homely atmosphere is conductive to good rest. The Hotel Palma offers a loyalty program for guests planning to spend three days in Lviv. Please contact the reception to book rooms for these days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Besides a 10% discount on accommodation will be automatically charged. It is not big, but nice bonus, which will cover the expenses for breakfast with croissants, and a cup of coffee cooked exclusively in Lviv. Taking into account the big city-parking problem, you can always start a journey leaving your car in the hotel parking lot.


Romantic night for lovers

Do you need a special occasion to host a romantic evening for the one you love? No, you do not! The Art Hotel Palma has developed a unique concept, when you can spend unforgettable romantic evening with your beloved. You do not have to wait for the occasion; you need to create happiness right here and now, because no matter how cheesy, life is too short to be waiting for holiday, you should arrange it yourself. There is no such thing as an age for love. After a year of dating and after 10 years of marriage, it is important not to forget to dump the routine and again plunge into the beautiful world of tenderness and "butterflies in the stomach". When to have a romantic evening? We can give you 1000 and 1 reason to organize a romantic evening - a surprise for your sweetheart, one month of a relationship, the 20th wedding anniversary, a birthday or a promotion at work. We can go on, but the main thing here is to give your partner unforgettable emotions. How to arrange a romantic evening? Plan a surprise in advance, taking into account the plans of your dear one, so that no hitches occur. You may invite your beloved, for example, to the cinemas, as a safety net and after that offer her to tie her eyes and unleash them when you are already in place. Soft light, unobtrusive music - in such intimate atmosphere everything around us becomes very special. Romantics have in their disposal Superior Junior Suite with original designer interior. You fall into a warm, soothing atmosphere, in which time slows down and you plunge into a fairy tale. A real spice of the room is a round bed that does not leave anyone indifferent. In the treasure trove of the most important memories that are stored in every person’s soul, we leave only the most valuable. The romantic evening at the Hotel Palma will take its place among your best memories. We offer: - Accommodation in Superior Junior Suite (bathrobes provided); - Romantic room decoration; - Dinner for two (wine, fruit, food). Book "Romantic Evening" calling the numbers: +38 067 19 444 00 +38 093 43 444 00


Loyalty Program for regular guests

Hotel's administration does their best to provide high quality service that meets the needs of our guests. In order to build and maintain our relationships with the clients we designed a customer loyalty program aimed to encourage regular clients and give them discounts. We focus on the process of developing long-term client relationships, so at every stage of service, we strive to keep you coming back to our hotel. How do I get a Gold discount card? Everything is very simple and totally transparent. First step: to be our hotel guest and to stay at the hotel for as many days as you need. Second: ask for a card at front desk and complete the application form. The questionnaire is small and has a standard set of questions. This is a no-frills request that will give us an opportunity to make a name card with no expiration date. Third: use our services again. Make your reservation and get a discount on hotel room, the accumulated amount will automatically be credited to your card. The Hotel's discount card is accumulative. Depending on the amount of money you've spent you can get a 3%, 5%, 7%, 10% discount. Our team should admit without false modesty: we really want to see you as a guest at the hotel Palma as often as possible. On business trip, in a group tour, with a loved one, with children, to get acquainted with the history and traditions of Western Ukraine. Because Lviv is the city, you would never get bored of, no matter how many times you go and how many discounts you have accumulated.



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We offer you a high level of service, comfortable accommodation, affordable prices and European service standards.

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On the second floor of the Hotel Palma, there is a spacious kitchen.


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79024, Ukraine

Lviv, Bohdanivska Str. 44

The buses No. 19, 39 run to the hotel